The Security Industry is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries and regardless of any changes in technology or the world economy, this is one industry that will always present opportunities.

The modern security industry consists of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities who all share the common interest of the ability to communicate effectively, provide detailed observations and support a fair and ethical culture.

Security Officer (Unarmed).

This course is the entry level requirement for the security industry and addresses the fundamental skills and knowledge to work effectively, safely and professionally.

Completion of this course enables participants to apply for a Security Officer (Unarmed) licence function and gain employment as a Security Officer in Shopping Centres, Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Static sites, Mobile Patrols and many more locations.

This 5 day face-to-face program covers the following units of competency:

It is essential that this course is completed prior to undertaking any other security industry course.

Crowd Control.

Crowd Controllers are responsible for maintaining order in public places such as pubs, night clubs, restaurants, concerts and sporting events. This people focused role requires excellent communication skills, good observation, coordination and teamwork.

Professional Crowd Controllers can effectively manage crowds in a variety of different environments and can quickly respond to and control potential risk situations.

Package 1.

Operations (Partial).

This package is a basic licensing package for entry into the security industry. It leads to employment opportunities in most of the industries career paths.

The 7 day face-to-face program with supported self-paced study includes First Aid training and covers the following licence function courses:

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